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Is Gamma2 Vittles Vault Worth It? See Our Honest Review!

When we brought Milo, our Golden Retriever, home, we faced the challenge that most pet owners encounter sooner or later: finding a storage solution that would keep his kibble fresh and pest-free. Initially, we tried resealing the food bags, but soon noticed that Milo wasn’t as enthusiastic about his meals, and a faint but distinct smell wafted up whenever we opened the pantry. We needed a better solution, and that’s when we decided to try the Gamma2 Vittles Vault Dog Food Storage Container.

The first thing that struck me was its sturdy build and sleek design. The container looked durable yet lightweight, making it easy to maneuver. The Gamma Seal Technology with the threaded locking system seemed promising, and after filling it with Milo’s kibble, I secured the lid and gave it a twist. The airtight seal was impressive, and it felt as though the kibble was safely tucked away in a vault. True to its promise, the double gaskets ensured no moisture could slip in, preserving the food’s freshness.

After a few days of use, the transformation in Milo’s appetite was obvious. He eagerly awaited his meals, his tail wagging with excitement. I noticed a difference, too, as each portion I scooped smelled fresh and maintained the same flavor it had when we first opened the bag. The Gamma Seal Technology’s ability to lock out moisture was evident in every feeding session.

As someone who has experienced ant invasions before, I was particularly impressed with how well the Gamma Seal Technology kept pests out. No unwanted critters had managed to break into the Vittles Vault despite the container being placed in our garage, which often attracts ants and other insects. Knowing that Milo’s kibble was protected provided peace of mind and saved us from wasting food.

The Gamma2 Vittles Vault is made of BPA-free HDPE plastic, giving it the strength to endure daily use while remaining safe for our pets. Although it could withstand outdoor storage, we opted to keep it in a climate-controlled area to prevent drastic temperature changes from affecting the kibble. The container is also suitable for storing other dry foods, so we plan to buy another one for our cat’s kibble and our bird’s seed mix.Vittles Vault

As an added bonus, the Vittles Vault is made in the USA, and the craftsmanship is apparent in the container’s reliability. With options for various sizes, we chose the 40-pound version, which was stackable and allowed us to store other pet supplies neatly on top. The compact design maximized our storage space, and the rounded shape made pouring and scooping easy.

Using the Vittles Vault has completely changed how we store Milo’s food. Gone are the days of stale-smelling kibble and pantry pests. Instead, Milo now enjoys consistently fresh, flavorful meals, and we never have to worry about waste or spoilage. This container is an essential investment for any pet owner who wants to keep their pet’s food fresh and secure, whether for dogs, cats, or other animals. Milo’s meals are now as enjoyable as the day we opened the bag, and seeing his happiness makes it worth every penny.